ONVIF for Linux

I wanted to use my Trendnet OUTDOOR POE 3MP DOME DAY/NIGHT (TV-IP311PI) ip camera with linux.

The camera came with only Windows software. The manual promised support for “ONVIF 2.1” though.

A quick research showed that ONVIF is both an industry consortium and a family of specifications. They try to standardize access to ip cameras and other security devices.

I thought with a standardized interface it should be possible to connect this camera to some existing linux software.

I started to look for ONVIF linux software. There were some closed source implementations. And then I got pointers to two open source libraries:

I decided to go with onvifdm from Sourceforge. The project looked quite professional and provided source code under the GPL v2.

The project seemed to have a MS Visual project file (.sln) and was written in C# and F#.

This was a challenge since I had never compiled these programming languages for linux.

I will keep you posted on my success with the mono compiler suite.

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4 responses to “ONVIF for Linux”

  1. Ganapathy says :

    Hi there,

    It is great to look at your post. I am trying the same. Were you successful in compiling it for Linux. Please let me know.

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