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ONVIF Probing for ZoneMinder

ONVIF Plug’n’Play

I used the ONVIF API I had assembled to build an automatic configurator for ONVIF cameras in ZoneMinder.

Essentially I put the files from my zm-onvif poject in a folder onvif in my local copy of the ZoneMinder sources. I then added some files to integrate both parts. The most complex task for me was to understand the ZoneMinder architecture.

I have not had the time to upload the code, yet. I uploaded the code and made a pull request to include it in ZoneMinder.
Meanwhile I made some screen shots of my local installation:

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ONVIF for ZoneMinder – Streaming

The Media service

I wanted some quick wins therefore I focused on getting the camera to work. I decided the generic message parsing stuff would have to wait.

With the address I got previously I called the ONVIF Device Management web service method GetServices. Read More…