The ONVIF series

(Chrono)logical list of ONVIF posts

ONVIF for Linux

ONVIF for Linux – 2

ONVIF and ZoneMinder

ONVIF for Linux – Discovery

ONVIF for ZoneMinder – Streaming

ONVIF Probing for ZoneMinder

ONVIF Analytics

ONVIF Notifications


I will post further articles on ONVIF, ZoneMinder and camera control here.

Where to get it

Surely you have been wondering where you can buy this really cool software.
The bad news is: You can’t, it’s free software. (See the ZoneMinder license information here).
The good news is: If everything goes well at least the ONVIF probing is to be included as an option in the ZoneMinder 1.29 release.

And if you want to give the ZoneMinder maintainers and me a hand you can speed up things by testing the code with your ONVIF camera. We need test results for different camera manufacturers and models.

3 responses to “The ONVIF series”

  1. Michael Chu says :

    How can I help test the code on my ONVIF camera? I just bought an TOP-201 ( camera and wanted to use it with ZoneMinder. Manually typing in the RTSP info doesn’t seem to work, but it does seem to work with a few ONVIF client apps on my Android tablets.

    Interested in getting it to work and happy to help with testing.

  2. andre says :

    I don t understand how add onvif search in zoneminder pannel. I need a guide for zoneminder in Ubuntu server 14.
    Thanks a lot

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